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Wednesday dinner: Bread, tomatoes, spinach, walnuts

Savoury bread pudding with tomatoes, spinach, and walnuts. Diced bread (several kinds stored up in freezer: cornbread, sourdough, wholemeal, etc), peeled chopped tomatoes, stock (made with Maggi cubes), spinach (frozen, defrosted), chopped walnuts, chopped fresh marjoram, beaten egg. Leave to soak for a bit, bake at Gas Mark 6 for an hour.

Red pepper salad. Chopped red pepper dressed with pre-seasoned sushi vinegar.

Thursday dinner: Eggs, mushrooms, kidney beans, buckwheat

Khis soko, lobio nigozit, buckwheat pilaf. As described at the link, except I missed the instruction to chop the mushrooms finely, I left the pomegranate seeds out of the bean dish, and I used buckwheat instead of the bulgar wheat. The individual things tasted a bit boring while I was cooking them, but when they were all together on the plate they complemented each other very well and weren’t boring at all.

A shallow porcelain bowl containing oyster mushrooms in an egg and herb sauce, red kidney beans in a walnut and pomegranate sauce, buckwheat with pine nuts, and a dollop of sour cream.

Thursday dinner: Bread, sweet potatoes, aubergines, eggs, milk, cheese

Savoury bread pudding with sweet potatoes and aubergines. Tear up some slices of bread and mix them with previously-roasted cubes of sweet potato and aubergine (leftovers from a couple of nights ago). Add grated cheddar and parmesan cheese (leave out the parmesan if you’re feeding vegetarians), season with salt and black pepper, then pour over a custard made by whisking eggs with milk (I used soya milk) and cream cheese (or cream, or plain yoghurt). Mix well, and add more milk if necessary to make it quite moist. Leave for 30 minutes to let the bread absorb the liquid, then pour into a greased baking dish and bake at 190ºC/375ºF/Gas 4 for 40–60 minutes.

Serve on its own or with salad, green veg, etc.

Tuesday lunch: Lentils, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, cheese, fruit

Spinach and cheddar savoury muffin slices. Based on a recipe for spinach and feta muffins. I used grated mature cheddar instead of the feta. I also baked the mixture in the base of a silicone 1 kg loaf pan for 30 minutes at Gas Mark 4, to get a more easily-sliceable end result. Adults and 10-month-old baby ate this, plain or spread with cream cheese.

Puy lentil salad. Canned Puy lentils, drained and mixed with finely-chopped red onion, halved cherry tomatoes, and roasted red pepper slices, then dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Only people with molars ate this.

Halved cherry tomatoes and roasted red pepper slices. Alternative to the above for younger persons with fewer teeth.

Clementine segments. (The ones with pips were eaten by the chef in the kitchen before serving. You can see which ones have pips by holding them up to the light.)

Sliced plums. Zapped in the microwave for a minute to soften, then left to cool. Enjoyed by adults and baby.

Tuesday dinner: Fish, eggs, greens, tomatoes, rice

Fish soup with pickled greens. Made with coley and home-made chicken stock.

Stirfried eggs with tomatoes.

Shredded kelp. From a packet. This was a replacement for dry-fried green beans, since I turned out not to have green beans in the house after all.

Jasmine rice. Done in the rice cooker.

Wednesday dinner: Fish, rice, eggs

Kedgeree. I suspected I would be working late tonight, so planned a quick-to-make dinner. Eggs were boiled last night, onions were pre-fried (I slice and deep-fry a large batch two or three times a year, and keep them in a jar in the freezer), rice was done in the rice cooker during the day.

Heat a generous lump of butter in a pan, add curry paste, fry for a few minutes. Tip in some pre-cooked rice, toss with a spatula until rice is evenly coated with spices and no clumps remain. Add crispy fried onions, smoked mackerel (broken into large flakes), hardboiled eggs (shelled and quartered). Mix well, salt to taste, and continue to cook until heated through. Mix in chopped parsley and serve.

Thursday lunch: Beef, egg, rice, peppers, edamame, tomatoes

Bento lunch: Japanese rice, beef soboro, egg soboro, sliced sautéed red and orange peppers, boiled edamame, cherry tomatoes.

Everything except the egg and cherry tomatoes came from the freezer.

The rice was cooked a few days ago; my rice cooker does best when I make two or more portions at once, so if I only want rice for myself, I make extra and freeze it. The vital point re freezing (or refrigerating) cooked rice is that you must reheat it after it’s been frozen (or refrigerated), even if you plan to eat it at room temperature. The reason for this is that cooling cooked rice below a certain point leads to starch retrogradation, which makes the rice grains hard and brittle; they’re still edible, just not very pleasant to eat. In his excellent book On Food And Cooking, Harold McGee states that the gelatinization temperature for rice can be reached by reheating to 70ºC (160ºF) or above. I do this in the microwave.

Tuesday lunch: Beef, egg, rice, peppers, edamame, radishes

Bento lunch: Japanese rice, beef soboro, egg soboro, sliced sautéed red and orange peppers, boiled edamame, home-grown radishes.

Wednesday dinner: Eggs, tomatoes, courgettes, glass noodles, cucumber, rice

Stirfried eggs with tomatoes.

Ants climbing a tree. I used finely-chopped courgettes instead of the pork mince, since I didn’t have any mince on hand. If I’d been cooking for a vegetarian I’d also have used vegetable stock instead of the chicken stock.

Smacked cucumber.

All served with jasmine rice done in the rice cooker.

Monday dinner: Eggs, tomatoes, glass noodles, beef, rice

Stirfried eggs with tomatoes.

Ants climbing a tree. I used beef mince instead of pork mince, since I had some to use up. I prefer it with pork though.

Served with jasmine rice done in the rice cooker.

[NB this post is backdated. I was going to post it on Monday, but then people started destroying Croydon and I got a bit distracted.]