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Thursday dinner: Mushrooms, red peppers, sour cream, rice

Mushroom stroganoff. I made it exactly as stated in the recipe, except I added some squeezy garlic with the mushrooms, and I used sour cream instead of yoghurt.

Served with jasmine rice done in the rice cooker (without the suggested addition of cloves).

Sunday dinner: mackerel, mushrooms, gnocchi

Slow-cooked mackerel. I did this in the oven, gas mark 6, in an oven dish covered with foil. Gas mark 6 was too hot — when I checked it after two hours, it was bubbling, so I decided to serve it then. It wasn’t bad! I’m going to save the simmering liquid to use again (will strain and freeze it).

Gnocchi with mushroom sauce. Sauté a small amount of finely-chopped onion in butter; once it’s soft, add a good quantity of finely-chopped mushrooms. Cook gently until the mushrooms have given up their liquid, then add a squeeze of lemon juice, a generous slosh of double cream, and several spoonfuls of water from the pan that you have just finished cooking some gnocchi in. Drain the gnocchi, add to the sauce pan, mix well, serve. Don’t leave out the lemon or it will be boring.

(These two things don’t really go together, but that doesn’t bother me.)

Thursday dinner: Salmon, artichoke hearts, spaghetti

Spaghetti with salmon and artichoke hearts. Start some spaghetti cooking. Fry a salmon fillet on both sides until just cooked but not overcooked. Use two forks to pull it into large flakes. Add quartered artichoke hearts and some kind of herb paste (I used chimichurri from the freezer; pesto would work too) along with a spoonful of double cream and a spoonful of cooking water from the pasta. Mix well, mix with spaghetti, grind over some black pepper, serve.

Friday dinner: Salmon, cabbage, gnocchi

A repeat of a previous “bob’s out, so I can eat lactose” dinner. I didn’t have leeks, so instead I used sliced spring onions and finely-sliced hispi (pointed cabbage).

Tuesday dinner: Salmon, leeks, gnocchi

Simple and quick; this took me 20 minutes start to finish, and I wasn’t rushing.

Cook sliced leeks in olive oil in a small frying pan (just large enough to cook the salmon in later); add chopped garlic after a bit. When the leeks are done, scrape everything out of the pan and set aside. Add a bit more oil to the pan if necessary, and cook a salmon fillet until almost cooked; it should be a little raw in the middle still, but cooked enough that you can pull it into large pieces with a couple of forks (do this).

Deglaze the pan with a good slosh of white wine. When the wine’s simmered down, return the leeks, garlic, and salmon to the pan along with a drizzle of double cream, and cook until the salmon is done (don’t overcook it).

Serve mixed with gnocchi from a packet (2 minutes’ cooking time) and topped with freshly-ground black pepper.

Saturday supper: Salmon, cucumber, double cream

I had a late lunch and then an afternoon snack (both provided by the Bermondsey Brazilian Shop), so I didn’t have a proper dinner tonight. Instead I had a late-night supper of salmon tartare, following Anthony Demetre’s mackerel tartare recipe.

The tartare is flavoured with ginger, capers, citrus, and parsley, and it’s served with a honeyed cucumber pickle and some lime-zest-scented whipped cream. I had it on Jacob’s cream crackers with a glass of gewürztraminer. It was pretty good — I must try it with actual mackerel some time.