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Wednesday dinner: Cheese, pasta, soya milk, sodium citrate

Macaroni cheese. Made using the Modernist Cuisine recipe, which involves Food Science Chemicals. I made it with soya milk, extra-mature cheddar, and parmesan, and it worked fine. I also snipped in some sundried tomatoes (preserved in oil) just before serving.

Thursday dinner: Bread, sweet potatoes, aubergines, eggs, milk, cheese

Savoury bread pudding with sweet potatoes and aubergines. Tear up some slices of bread and mix them with previously-roasted cubes of sweet potato and aubergine (leftovers from a couple of nights ago). Add grated cheddar and parmesan cheese (leave out the parmesan if you’re feeding vegetarians), season with salt and black pepper, then pour over a custard made by whisking eggs with milk (I used soya milk) and cream cheese (or cream, or plain yoghurt). Mix well, and add more milk if necessary to make it quite moist. Leave for 30 minutes to let the bread absorb the liquid, then pour into a greased baking dish and bake at 190ºC/375ºF/Gas 4 for 40–60 minutes.

Serve on its own or with salad, green veg, etc.

Tuesday lunch: Lentils, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, cheese, fruit

Spinach and cheddar savoury muffin slices. Based on a recipe for spinach and feta muffins. I used grated mature cheddar instead of the feta. I also baked the mixture in the base of a silicone 1 kg loaf pan for 30 minutes at Gas Mark 4, to get a more easily-sliceable end result. Adults and 10-month-old baby ate this, plain or spread with cream cheese.

Puy lentil salad. Canned Puy lentils, drained and mixed with finely-chopped red onion, halved cherry tomatoes, and roasted red pepper slices, then dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Only people with molars ate this.

Halved cherry tomatoes and roasted red pepper slices. Alternative to the above for younger persons with fewer teeth.

Clementine segments. (The ones with pips were eaten by the chef in the kitchen before serving. You can see which ones have pips by holding them up to the light.)

Sliced plums. Zapped in the microwave for a minute to soften, then left to cool. Enjoyed by adults and baby.

Sunday dinner: Artichokes, cheese, gnocchi, olives

Gnocchi with artichokes and olives. Cook gnocchi, drain, put on plate. Top with finely chopped artichoke hearts (from a can, rinsed and drained), a small handful of grated hard cheese (Parmesan is good, though not vegetarian), a dollop of black olive paste (or some finely-chopped black olives), a drizzle of olive oil, and plenty of freshly-ground black pepper.

Monday dinner: Artichoke hearts, broccoli, peppers, gnocchi, cheese

Gnocchi with broccoli pesto. Cook broccoli florets in boiling water until soft; chop very finely and reserve. Blanch chopped red pepper in the same water for a minute or two; remove and reserve. Cook gnocchi in the same water until done; drain. Mix chopped broccoli, blanched pepper, drained gnocchi, quartered canned artichoke hearts, a couple of spoonfuls of ready-made pesto, a glug of olive oil, a little finely-grated hard cheese, and freshly-ground black pepper to taste.

I used parmesan, which is not vegetarian, but you could use any hard cheese. You could also use dairy-free pesto (which I in fact did) and omit the cheese to make it vegan.

Wednesday dinner: Bread, tomato sauce, tuna, anchovies, cheese

Another quick dinner tonight: pizza toasts. This is sort of like cheese on toast with extra toppings.

Pizza toasts. Toast a thick slice of bread (I used sourdough) on one side, then turn it over and spread some tomato sauce (I used Loyd Grossman brand with wild mushrooms) on the untoasted side. Add flaked tinned tuna on top of this, then add cheese (I used sliced English goat cheese) and finally some anchovy fillets (the salty kind that come in olive oil). Put it back under the grill/broiler and toast until the cheese has melted and the rest of the toppings have warmed through.

Saturday dinner: Sweetcorn, feta, tomato, courgette

Sweetcorn polenta. Just the polenta, not the sauce.

Caponata. Made with courgettes instead of aubergines, and fresh cherry tomatoes instead of canned. I also made it a little less sweet than usual, to give a good contrast to the sweetcorn polenta.

Tuesday dinner: Sweetcorn, feta, tomato, aubergine

Sweetcorn polenta with aubergine and tomato sauce.

I made this almost exactly according to the recipe, though I only needed four cobs to make 550g of kernels, and I used a Bulgarian brined sheep’s milk cheese instead of feta (it’s basically the same thing though). I also puréed the sweetcorn in its liquid directly in the pan with my handblender, rather than faffing with draining it. I don’t believe this can possibly serve four people — three at the most.

Friday dinner: Courgettes, cheese, mixed grains, tomatoes

Courgette gratin. I assembled this last night, because I knew I’d be getting home relatively late for dinner — I just stuck it in the oven when I got in.

Served it with ready-cooked “mixed grains” (Merchant Gourmet brand, 1 minute in the microwave) and a simple tomato salad (chopped fresh tomatoes seasoned with celery salt and freshly-ground black pepper).

Sunday dinner: mushrooms, courgettes, mixed beans, cheese

Tonight I had the rest of the mushroom casserole with cheese scone topping that I cooked the other night. I added a good splosh of worcestershire sauce and some cubed fried courgettes, and it was much tastier than the first time around.